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Cu(II) selective PVC membrane electrode based on zinc complex of Acetophenonethiosemicarbazone (ZATSC) as an ionophore

Author(s): Sulekh Chandra, Kusum Sharma, Adarsh kumara, Praveen Kumar Tomar

A PVC membrane based Cu(II) selective electrode was constructed using zinc(II) complex of Actophenonethiosemicarbazone (ZATSC) as a neutral carrier. The sensor exhibits a Nerstian response for Cu(II) ion over a wide concentration range of 1.0 × 10-8- 1.0 × 10-1 M with the slope of 29.5 mV/per decade having detection limit 6.7×10-9 M. It was relatively fast response time (<10s for concentration ≥1.0×10-4 and <15s for concentration of ≥1.0×10-6 M) and can be used for 9 months without any considerable divergence in potentials. The proposed sensor revealed relatively good selectivity and high sensitivity for Cu(II) over other mono, di and trivalent cations and could be used in a pH range of 1.5-12.3. It was also used successfully as an indicator electrode in potentiometer titrations and in the analysis of concentration of copper in the water of river Yamuna at different sites of Delhi.