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Current status and future scenario of pyrimidine derivatives having antimicrobial potential

Author(s): Rajeev Kharb, Meenakshi Tyagi, Anil Kumar Sharma

Day by day there has been incerasing consumption of various antibiotics for the treatment of microbial infections which leads to emergence of multi-drug resistant microbial pathogens. Therefore, there is an urgent demand for research and synthesis of novel of antimicrobial agents having different mode of action which should be effective against various types of bacteria and fungi to solve the problem of microbial resistance. Pyrimidine derivatives are known to have broad spectrum of pharmacological activities, especially potent antimicrobial activities. This review article is an attempt to provide valuable information on antibacterial and antifungal potential of pyrimidine derivatives which may help to medicinal chemists in the development of new class of antimicrobial agents for effective treatment of microbial diseases.