Cytoprotective Activity of Tribublus terrestris Dry Fruit Extract against Oxidative Stress | Abstract

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Cytoprotective Activity of Tribublus terrestris Dry Fruit Extract against Oxidative Stress

Author(s): Pratik P Durgawale, Kailas D Datkhile1, Satish V Kakade

Oxidative stress generated in the cells has been reported in a number of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, neurodegenerative diseases M and cancer. Reactive oxygen species interact with almost all the biomolecules ultimately leading to cell death by apoptosis or necrosis. Since polyphenolic compounds such as flavanoids and tannins have radical scavenging activity, they could be effective in alleviating cellular damage caused by oxidative stress. The ethanolic extract of Tribublus terrestris dry fruit contains such polyphenolic compounds. In the present study oxidative stress was induced in neural cell line U-87 MG by exposure to hydrogen peroxide and effect on viability of cells was tested with 3-(4,5-Dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-Diphenyltetrazolium Bromide) (MTT) assay in presence or absence of the extract. Statistical analysis by Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) followed by Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison test (F=82.973, p<0.001) showed that the cells cultured with extract had greater viability compared to cells cultured without it in presence of hydrogen peroxide. DNA fragmentation assay was also performed which indicated that the extract could prevent apoptosis, characterized by fragmentation of chromosomal DNA and caused by oxidative stress. Further in-vivo experiments might have to be undertaken to ascertain the potential of the extract as a source of dietary anti-oxidants.

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