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DC conductivity studies of SrMe2+(Li1+Fe3+)0.5Fe16O27 ferrites

Author(s): P. R. Arjunwadkar, R. R. Patil and M. Y. Salunkhe

Lithium substituted W type ferrites having common chemical formula SrMe(LiFe)0.5-W where Me is a divalent cation such as Zn, Ni, Cd, Cu, Fe were prepared by standard solid state reaction method and their dc electrical properties such as conductivity, activation energy were studied and the type of carriers responsible in each was determined from thermoelectric studies. The higher resistivity of the compounds SrMe(LiFe)0.5W where Me = Cu, Zn and Ni, suggests less presence of mixed valency cations on equivalent lattice. While with Me = Fe and Cd show low value due to the ferrous ions present on the octahedral sites along with ferric ions.