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Design and Synthesis of Classical Dihydropyrimidone Derivatives from Azosalicyaldehydes

Author(s): Sushil R Mathapati, Mantosh B Swami, Arvind H Jadhav, Namdev V Ghule, Jairaj K Dawle

A series of classical Dihydropyrimidone (DHP) derivatives were synthesize from o-hydroxy aldehydes. Azosalicyaldehydes were prepared from various substituted anilines with salicylaldehyde by the reported process. These Azosalicyaldehydes were reacts with ethylacetoacetate and urea in presence of ZnCl2 catalyst under 70-80°C temperature gives reported DHP products rather than oxygen bridged tricyclic product. The present method is founds eco-friendly, highly efficient, and clean method for the selective synthesis of DHP derivatives.