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Design, characterization and pharmacophoric evaluation of new series of N-substituted benzamides

Author(s): D.D. Magar, A.R. Tapas and P.K. Ambre

The newer benzamides were designed by taking into consideration, the pharmacophoric distances of reported anticonvulsant agents. From this study and observation from literature regarding the importance of benzamide moiety novel N-substituted benzamides were synthesized. 4-amino-3,5dichlorobenzoylchloride was the main intermediate, was condensed with various amines which gave 4-amino-3, 5 dichloro-N-substituted benzamides. Amidation reaction of acid chloride and six different amines was carried out conventionally and also on six station parallel synthesizer which offered improvement in yield of final compounds in short period. The lead compounds were characterized by melting point, TLC, IR, and 1H NMR studies. Further work leading to the evaluation of these compounds in various anticonvulsant models, to establish their efficacy as anticonvulsant agents is requested.