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Design, synthesis and antioxidant evaluation of certain new phthalazine derivatives

Author(s): Waleed A. Bayoumi, Alaa-Eldin M. Barghash, Magdy M. Gineinah, Mohamed A.Massoud, Ali M. Abdelal

In this research, certain phthalazine scaffolds were designed and synthesized. Hyperidzation with pharmacophoric moieties possessing antioxidant activityincluding glycine hydrazides and derivatives(10, 11 and 12), amide derivatives (19), hydrazone (7, 14 and 18), Schiff’s base derivatives(6a-c, 13a-c and 20a-c) and N-phtalimido derivatives(8a-c, 15a-c and 21a-c);was achieved.In addition, a synthetic comparison between O- and N-alkylation products of phthalazinone ring systemwas studied.All the newly synthesized compounds were screened for their in vitro antioxidant activity through ABTS antioxidant assay. Compound 5 showed the best activity, whereas compound 12 showed moderate activity. The rest of compounds showed weak to mild activity.