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Determine the Ascorbic Acid Content in Selected Fruits by Using Iodine Solution in Redox Titration Method and Application of Ascorbic Acid

Author(s): Parul M Patel

Ascorbic acid was present in some selected fruits like apple, banana, guava, kiwifruit, mango, orange and papaya. All fresh fruits were perches from a market and pulp was separate from peel. Determine ascorbic acid content in selected fruits by using iodine solution in redox titration method. This method was straight forward than the other alternative methods were used. Ascorbic acid content was highest in mango 51.19 mg/100 g and lowest in guava 10.41 mg/100 g among the different fruits tested. Application of ascorbic acid is in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetic industry and various technological processes.