Dexibuprofen-Dextran Macromolecular Prodrugs: Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation | Abstract

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Dexibuprofen-Dextran Macromolecular Prodrugs: Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological Evaluation

Author(s): Arun Rasheed, K. Aishwarya, B. Niyaz Basha, B. Sravya Reddy and A. Swetha

Dexibuprofen (DI) is a non-narcotic analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug. A biodegradable polymer dextran has been utilized as a carrier for synthesis of dexibuprofen-dextran prodrugs to improve aqueous solubility, to increase therapeutic efficiency and to reduce its gastrointestinal side effects. The synthesis involves the condensation of acyl imidazole derivatives of dexibuprofen with dextran of different molecular weights (10000 and 20000) to obtain dexibrofen-dextran prodrugs DD10 and DD20 respectively. The structure of synthesized prodrugs was confirmed by IR and NMR spectroscopy. The molecular weight was determined by Mark-Howink Sakurada viscosity equation and the degree of substitution was obtained as 15.6 % and 16.5 % for the prodrugs. A hydrolysis study was performed in buffer solutions at different pH and in simulated colonic fluid (SCF). The hydrolysis followed first order kinetics. Much faster hydrolysis was observed at pH 9.0 than in pH 7.4 buffer solution and pH 7.4 SCF. The analgesic activity of the prodrugs was not much better compared to the parent drug. The antiinflammatory activity was found as 60.8 % and 65.74 % inhibition when compared to the inhibition of 52.69 % of parent drug. The prodrugs showed remarkable reduction in ulcerogenicity as compared to parent dexibuprofen. The results thus proved that dextran can be employed as a promoiety for the drug delivery of dexibuprofen and showed comparable antiinflammatory and ulcerogenic effect than the parent drug.


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