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Dielectric and electrical properties of lead zircon ate titanate

Author(s): R. Balusamy a , P. Kumaravel b and N. G. Renganathan c*

Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) (P b Z r O 3 - P b T i O 3 ) were prepared by mixed oxide method at 1100 o C. Crystalline nature of the synthesized PZT has been confirmed by X-ray powder diffraction studies. The particle siz e and strain is calculated from X-ray peak broadening analysis b y using Williamson-Hall plot. The crystallite size is also calculated using Debye-Scherrer’s formula. Also, th e surface morphology and particle size of the sampl es were imaged using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Di electric measurement demonstrates that decrease in dielectric constant with increase in temperature. The tempera ture dependence of the ac conductivity indicated th at the conduction process is due to singly ionized (in fer roelectric region) and doubly ionized (in paraelect ric region).