Effect of Bacterial Genitourinary Tract Infection on Seminal Copper in Men | Abstract

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Effect of Bacterial Genitourinary Tract Infection on Seminal Copper in Men

Author(s): Ali Saleem Abdulridha

Usually, the level of copper in seminal plasma of men is very low in the normal subjects, but in certain conditions such as bacterial infection, level of this element may be affected. The purpose of this study is assess the effects of bacterial infection on seminal copper level in genitourinary tract infection. Atomic absorption spectrometer were used to estimate level of seminal copper among 100 patients with bacterial infection, whose diagnosed after cultured their semen on ordinary and selective cultural media in addition to 20 comparable semen samples .The results revealed that the copper level among patients infected with both Gram's positive and Gram's negative bacteria suffered a significant increased (p<0.05) compared with health persons. So, we can conclude that the increasing in copper level is mainly followed the bacterial infection in genitourinary tract, and recommended to study the influences of this increasing on men fertility.


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