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Effect of change in concentration of solute and solvent on molar refraction and polarizability constant of some thiopyrimidine derivatives

Author(s): M. P. Wadekar, A. S. Shrirao and R. R. Tayade

The study of substituted thiopyrimidine drugs have been investigated by measuring the densities and refractive index of different concentration solution in 70% (DMF+water) binary mixture. Also extension with this all above parameters are investigated in different composition of solvent having same concentration of ligand. It could be seen that molar refraction and polarizability constant of substituted thiopyrimidine drugs decreases with decrease in concentration of ligand in 70%(DMF+ water) solvent and increases with increase in percentage composition of solvent when ligand concentration is constant. This data have been used to determine solute-solute, solute-solvent and solvent-solvent interaction in the system.