Effect of Media Modification on Collagenase Activity from Bacillus Licheniformis MB-2 | Abstract

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Effect of Media Modification on Collagenase Activity from Bacillus Licheniformis MB-2

Author(s): Ace Baehaki and Maggy T. Suhartono

The purpose of this study was to analyze media modifications to collagenase activity of Bacillus licheniformiss MB- 2. The method used is assayed of the activity of collagenase in the first media (LB + collagen 5%), the second media (tryptone collagen + NaCl + 5%) and the third media (NaCl + 5% collagen). The results showed in LB media + collagen, the optimum collagenase production of B. licheniformis MB-2 was 12 h of fermentations. The results of the activity between the first media (LB + collagen 5%) with a second media (tryptone + NaCl + collagen 5%) showed a pattern similar, the optimum enzyme production was 12 h, after 12 h decreased and activity optimum occurs in exponential phases. Collagenase activity of B. licheniformis MB-2 on second and third media has lower was compared with LB + collagen media, suggesting a role as a source yeast extract. Nitrogen is essential for the growth of bacteria that affect the activity of collagenase. Collagenase activity of B. licheniformis MB-2 in the third media (NaCl + collagen) decreased over time the bacteria fermentation (Figure 3). In the third media, source of carbon and nitrogen should be provided in LB media (tryptone + NaCl + yeast extract) into reduced, carbon and nitrogen source alternatives only in collagen added, this affects the growth of bacteria B. licheniformis MB-2 and thus the activity tends to decrease during fermentation.


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