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Effect of Packaging Conditions on Microbiological and Physicochemical Quality of Moroccan Date Fruit

Author(s): Taouda H, Aarab L, Chabir R, Miyah Y, Azdad O, Mejrhit N, Errachidi F

The packaging effect on the date fruit quality was assessed in one hand in order to prove microorganisms multiplication of the sample dates, the results by the PCA method showed that no packaging date are grouped together witch contaminated by microorganisms and how have a negative effect for date quality. In other hand, we considered it useful to study the physicochemical profile of different varieties of dates to ensure on the correlation of biochemical parameters and microbial contamination. High correlations were obtained between microorganism contaminations in no-packaging date, which have a negative effect for date fruit quality. For physicochemical characteristics, the results showed a positive correlation between the sugar concentration and moisture parameters with a value of 0.779. Concerning physicochemical parameters and the microbial growth were correlated with a low correlation, neither between the sugar concentration and the microorganism count, except for the sugar content and the ASR, which correlated to 0.605.