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Effect of Soya Beans Bread Fortified with Turmeric or Ginger on Diabesity

Author(s): Suzanne Fouad, Salwa M. El Shebini, Maha I. A. Moaty, Nihad H. Ahmed and Salwa T. Tapozada

Diabesity indicates the coexistence of obesity and diabetes. In the 21st century, Diabesity is considered a leading cause of serious fatal chronic diseases. The objective of this study was to demonstrate the effect of bread formed of soya bean flour and turmeric or ginger in junction with a balanced hypocaloric regimen in reducing body weight and controlling diabetes in a sample of Egyptian females complaining of diabesity. This study was conducted on seventy two obese women suffering from type II diabetes. They followed a dietary therapy for 8 weeks. During the first 4 weeks, they followed a hypocaloric diet, supplemented with soya bean bread. While in the last 4 weeks, they followed only the hypocaloric regimen. Different anthropometric measurements, fasting blood glucose, serum lipid profile, C-peptide and Apolipoprotein J were determined. Data of the current study revealed that, bread formed of soya beans flour and fortified with curcumin or ginger helped in weight loss, decreased in % body fat with preservation of lean muscle mass, increased basal metabolic rate, reduced blood lipids levels, improved insulin sensitivity and reduced atherosclerosis risk. So both supplements can be used to prevent or delay the onset of diabesity- related co-morbidities by controlling the metabolic disorders.