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Efficient Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Important Intermediates via Knoevenagel, Aldol Type Condensation by Using Aqueous Extract of Acacia concinna pods as a Green Chemistry Catalyst Approach

Author(s): Bharat B Kashid, Vithal M Gugwad, Balasaheb B Dongare, Anil A Ghanwat

The employment of green chemistry technique is significantly reducing chemical waste and reaction time has been proven in several organic synthesis and chemical transformation. Synthesis of pharmaceutically important intermediates via knoevenagel and aldol type condensation of substituted aromatic aldehyde with active methylene compounds has been achieved by using aqueous extract of Acacia concinna pods as a green surfactant type catalyst. The low cost, easy availability of the catalyst and simple reaction conditions suggest the possible use of present method for large scale preparations. Moreover, fruits are inexpensive and easily available in the market, and its juice can be extracted easily which can be used as catalyst in the organic transformations. Structures of the compounds were confirmed satisfactorily by spectral analyses such as FTIR, 1H, 13C-NMR, and Mass.