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Efficient synthesis of triazlolic peptidomimetics via copper-catalyzed azidealkyne [3+2] cycloaddition

Author(s): Naima Agouram, El Mestafa El Hadrami, Abdeslem Ben Tama, Miguel Julve, Hafid Anane and Salah-Eddine Stiriba

A practical synthetic protocol affording regioselectively various types of 1,2,3-triazole-containing peptidomimetics (9-23) in moderate to excellent yields (33-99%) is described. Such peptidomimetics were obtained by clicking alkyne-N-protected-L-serine derivatives (1-3) and azide-tagged compounds (4-8) under the copper-catalyzed azidealkyne [3+2] cycloaddition (CuAAC) regime. Various peptidomimetic substrates containing sugar moieties with potential biological and medical relevance are reported.


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