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Electrochemical effect of 1, 4-diaminobenzene on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in dilute acid media

Author(s): Roland Tolulope Lotoa, Cleophas Akintoye Loto, Abimbola Patricia Popoola and Tatiana Fedotova

1,4-Diaminobenzene was studied for its electrochemical influence on the corrosion behaviour of mild steel in dilute H2SO4 and HCl acid at ambient temperature with the application of weight loss technique, open circuit potential measurement and potentiodynamic polarization test. Results show the inhibition efficiency of the organic derivative varied with concentration with maximum inhibition efficiency of 70% and 78.2% at 0.093M inhibitor concentration in H2SO4 acid and a maximum inhibition efficiency of 81.1% and 94.3% at 0.069M inhibitor concentration in HCl acid from weight loss and polarization tests proving to be more effective in HCl. Potential measurement results varied, with passivity potentials being maintained at specific concentrations. SEM observations showed a significant morphological appearance with contrasts micrographs from uninhibited samples. X-ray diffractometry confirmed the absence of reaction products and phase complexes associated with corrosion. Statistical analysis showed relevance and statistical significance of concentration and exposure time on the inhibition performance of 1, 4- diaminobenzene.