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In-Vitro Quality Assessment of Different Marketed Brands of Ofloxacin Tablets

Author(s): Virender Singh, Prince Sharma, Akash Jain, Jasmine Chaudhary

The quality of pharmaceuticals is always a matter of global concern because counterfeit medications with substandard quality are increasingly detected worldwide, the reason for which can be that these drugs may not have been subjected to strict approval processes by relevant regulatory agencies. So, in order to ensure the requisite quality, it should be mandatory for the drug manufacturers to analyze their products during each level of manufacturing and processing. Moreover some multinational brands are so costly and thus unaffordable to common people and comparatively local brands of same generic are available at much lower prices. But to select one product from several generic drug products of same active ingredients is the cause for concern for the common people. So, every effort should be done to make these drugs chemically and pharmaceutically equivalent in every aspect as the branded drugs which can only be possible if proper quality control guidelines are being followed during their production. Most of the consumers are specific to a particular brand which they are using from a very long time despite their high cost. So, there is a need to satisfy the consumer by ensuring that the generic and branded drugs products can be equally effective.

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