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Environmentally Benign Synthesis of 2-aryl Benzimidazoles and their Antibacterial Screening

Author(s): Chandrashekhar G Devkate, Khandu D Warad, Mahendra B Bhalerao, Digambar D Gaikwad, Mohammad Idrees M Siddique

Ultrasound Promoted one pot synthesis of 2-aryl benzimidazoles, by the condensation of 1,2-phenylendiamine and benzoyl chloride in presence of ionic liquids, 1-butylimidazolium bisulphate [Hbim][HSO4] and 1,3-dibutylimidazolium bisulphate [bbim][HSO4]. There is no need of any additional catalyst. The products obtained in good to moderate yields with simple work up procedure. The compound 3d was investigated in vitro against Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria at different concentrations and compared with standard drug ciprofloxacin.