Essential vitamins and mineral salts in some extracts used in alternative medicine in Nigeria | Abstract

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Essential vitamins and mineral salts in some extracts used in alternative medicine in Nigeria

Author(s): Peter Taiwo Olagbemide, Tony Ifeanyi Ojiezeh and Mumini Idowu Adarabioyo

Minerals are essentially required for tissue functioning in human beings and their presence in medicinal plants can have a substantial influence on the therapeutic value of herbal remedies. Excessive intake of some minerals can upset homeostatic balance and cause toxic side effects. Also, severe shortages or self-prescribed minerals can alter the delicate balance in body functions that promotes health. Vitamins are organic compounds present in minute amounts in natural foodstuffs that are essential to normal metabolism and the lack of which in the diet causes deficiency diseases. Mineral and vitamin compositions analyses were carried out on four extracts-the extracts from earthworm, Aloe vera, Ganoderma lucidium, and snail (Archachatina) using standard methods. The aim of the study was the comparison analysis of the mineral and vitamin compositions of some extracts used in alternative medicine. The mineral and vitamin compositions of Ganoderma, Aloe vera, earthworm extracts and snail water showed that they have high medicinal values. However, results showed that the mineral and vitamin constituents vary significantly (p< 0.05) among the extracts. The mineral and vitamin composition of the extracts confirm their usefulness in alternative medicine.


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