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Estrogenic Activity of Fruit Extract of Artocarpus lakoocha in female Sprague-Dawley Rats

Author(s): Piyush Gautam, Talha Jawaid and Ramesh Patel

Estrogenic activity of the fruit extract of Artocarpus lakoocha (Moraceae) in female sprague-dawley rats. The powdered of the fruit were extracted with hydro alcoholic and the resultant extracts were subjected for phytochemical analysis to identify different phyto constituents. Preliminary Phytochemical investigation showed the presence of flavonoids, tannins, steroids, and saponins, as major secondary metabolites. Some of the physiochemical parameters such as ash value, extractive value and loss on drying were also been studied. Estrogenic activity of extract were studied by removing it both ovaries, and then given the different dose of extract as per body weight of animals by the oral route. Treatment of animal with Hydro-alcoholic extract of fruit of Artocarpus lakoocha shows significantly (p<0.05) value. It is observed that Hydro-alcoholic extract of fruit of Artocarpus lakoocha posses estrogenic property which was evident by biochemical parameters and histopathological reports.


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