Ethnopharmacology of Stevia rebaudiana: A Non-Nutritive sweetener | Abstract

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Ethnopharmacology of Stevia rebaudiana: A Non-Nutritive sweetener

Author(s): Bincy Raj, Anita. A, Soosamma John, M. Gnana Ruba Priyab

Indigenous tribes of South America were using Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni for centuries for its medicinal value. Stevia is a small perennial shrub that has been used as a natural sweetener. It has many traditional uses including anti glycaemic activity. Ethnopharmacology plays an important role in identifying new templates or lead molecules for various disorders. The traditional medicinal system is getting more and more appreciation nowadays. Hence there is an increasing demand for natural food supplements, herbal remedies, and other products supported by medicinal plants. The aim of this paper is to present the health-promoting value of S. rebaudiana.


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