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Ethylene Derivatives of Liquid Crystalline Properties : Homologous Series : α-4-[-4’-n-Alkoxy Cinnamoyloxy] benzoyl β-phenyl ethylenes

Author(s): Chauhan H. N., Doshi A.V.

Homologous series α-4-[-4’-n-Alkoxy Cinnamoyloxy] benzoyl β-phenyl ethylenes consists of eleven members of the series. Pentyloxy to hexadecyloxy homologues are enantiotropically nematogenic without exhibition of any smectogenic character. Odd-even effect is observed for nematic-isotropic transition curve with alternation of transition temperatures of the homologues as determined using an optical polarizing microscope with heating stage. Methoxy to butyloxy homologues are nonliquid crystals. Analytical data supports the structures of the molecules. Textures of the nematic mesophase is threaded or schlieren type Nematic-isotropic thermal stability of a series is 155.4 oC. Mesomorphic properties of a present series are compared with other structurally similar homologous series.