Evaluation of Commercial Antacid Tablets in Iraq | Abstract

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Evaluation of Commercial Antacid Tablets in Iraq

Author(s): May Mohammed Jawad Al-Mudhafar, Shayma L. Abdulhadi and Ali Basim Talib

Antacids are commonly used drugs which are considered inert and free of pharmacological effect by many patients and physicians. They are weak bases that neutralize the gastric acid and relief pain. These weak bases dissociate to neutralize gastric acid and form neutral salts. The ultimate goal of antacid therapy is to reduce the concentration and a total load of acid in gastric juice to a pH 4 - 5. This in vitro study was promised to study the acid neutralizing capacity (ANC) of six commonly available antacids tablets in the Iraqi market by using back titration method. The highest ANC values were for Rennie (17.131± 0.083 and 16.926± 0.052 mEq) in two different hydrochloric acid (HCl) concentrations 1N and 0.5 N, respectively. The static analysis revealed that there was a significant difference of ANC in favor of Rennie versus other antacid tablets studied. The current in vitro study showed that ANC value is the most important factor in determining the potency of the antacid which may help in designing and manufacturing new antacid formulation.


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