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Evaluation of stability constants of trifluperazine with Cd (II) and Pb (II) complexes based on voltammetric measurements

Author(s): Tanaji N. Bansode

A voltammetric study on the binding properties of the Trifluperazine dihydrochloride with cadmium and lead ions were performed. Measurements were carried in sodium acetate buffer at pH 6.00 in aqueous solutions at 0.15M ionic strength. It was observed that Trifluperazine forms 2:1 and 1:1 complexes with Cd (II) and Pb (II) respectively. The stability constants of the metal complexes were evaluated with the DeFord-Hume procedure at different ligand concentrations. The logarithm values of stability constants of Cadmium and lead complexes are 9.650 and 8.958 respectively.