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Evaluation of the antifungal effects of various extracts of Amygdalus eburnea on some fungal pathogens

Author(s): Mehdi Rezaeifar, Seyyed Amin Ayatollahi Mousavi, Mitra Mehrabani and Asghar Sepahvand

The present study aims to evaluate the antifungal activity of Amygdalus eburnea Spach. (Rosaceae family) extracts against some fungi strains. Antifungal effects of A. eburnea were performed using Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) methods on Aspergillus flavus (ATTCC 15546) and Candida albican (ATCC 10321). Both aqueous and menthanolic extract of A. eburnea at all concentration demonstrated fungistatic activity against the tested fungi from week to potent with the MIC ranging from 5.33 to 9.33 mg/mL and 7.3 to 13.33 mg/mL, respectively. To conclude, the obtained findings demonstrated that A. eburnean extracts were found to be more active against some pathogenic fungi strains and thus provided the evidence for its traditional use value and it is suitable substitute for treatment of fungi infections.