Evaluation Parameters for Powder Flow Ability | Abstract

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Evaluation Parameters for Powder Flow Ability

Author(s): Shaveta Sharma, Teenu Sharma, Ashima Sharma and Mahak Deep

The goal of the current work was to do an orderly assessment of flow of powders and granules using compendial and non-compendial procedure. Angle of repose, Tapped density, Carr's compressibility file, Bulk density, Hausner’s ratios were assessed. Moreover, flow were described utilizing powder rheometer wherein delicate force transducer screens the forces created as consequence of the sample displacement, another technique FT4 powder rheometer. The Freeman Technology (FT4 powder rheometer) is intended to describe powders undergoing different circumstances in manners that look like wide scale creation climate. Techniques incorporate security and irregular flow rate, compressibility, shear cell, air circulation, porousness, divider contact and union. The FT4 has demonstrated application on the whole powders preparing ventures, including drugs, fine synthetic substances, cosmetics, food, additives and powder covering. The FT4 application connect to filling, hopper flow, Tablet pressure, wet granulation, end point, flow added substance determination and enhancement, moisture impacts, static change, feeding, stirring, separation, caking, processing, Wall grating, grip, hopper configuration etc.


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