Examining the Microbial Quality and Trace Elements of Bottled Water Available in Mashhad Stores | Abstract

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Examining the Microbial Quality and Trace Elements of Bottled Water Available in Mashhad Stores

Author(s): Somayeh Bagheri, Mahbube Nakhzari moghadam, Seyed Hamid Mousavi Roshkhari, Fahimeh Nakhzari Moghadam

Background: The consumption of bottled mineral water has increased significantly in recent years. This water has certain features that can affect human health. In this study bottled water is examined in terms of its conformity with standard criteria such as physical, chemical, microbial characteristics and hardness of bottled water. Materials and methods: Our study conducted on 9 kinds of bottled mineral water in Mashhad in 2015 and seven chemical, physical, and microbial characteristics are examined. The mean values of each attribute were compared with the amount listed on the sample label using standard criteria. Results: The results indicated that the bottled waters do not have microbial contamination. However, according to the results, the amount of fluoride in all samples is lower than the standard and in 4.8% of the samples the nitrate content is higher than the standard. Conclusion: The results showed that the level of toxic metals is lower than the standard and the recommended values and therefore the consumption of such water does not threaten the consumers' health.


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