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Experiments for Hydrogen Production Using Photovoltaic System and Hoffman Voltameter Electrolyser in Ouargla (South East of Algeria)

Author(s): Yamina Boualati, Salah Saouli

This study sets forth an experiment of producing hydrogen via utilizing the solar energy through the electrical analysis of the solution of hydroxide sodium whose concentration (2 g/l). Thus, there should be a direct linking between the electrolyser (Voltametre Hofman) and two photovoltaic panels. This experiment took place in Ouargla (Southeast of Algeria) and it lasted seven consecutive months (from August 2012 to February 2013). This study made clear that the highest amount of the produced quantity of hydrogen was in August and the lowest was in December, and during the whole day, hydrogen production was at its best in the evening time. In addition, the relationship between the hydrogen flow and the solar system is exponential.