Der Pharma Chemica
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Fast Liquid Chromatography Method for Assay of Metformin and its Combination Drug from Tablet Dosage Form

Author(s): Sushama Ambadekar, Sameer S Keni

A simple, fast and effective method for Assay of Metformin along with its usual combination drugs viz: Glipizide, Gliclazide, Glibenclamide and Glimepiride has been developed for simultaneous determination for Assay of each drug from separate combination tablet of each dosage form. The developed method was validated and proved to be precise and robust. Area response were found to be linear in the concentration range of 50 ppm to 150 ppm for Metformin, 0.5 ppm to 1.5 ppm for Glipizide, 8 ppm to 24 ppm for Gliclazide, 0.5 ppm to 1.5 ppm for Glibenclamide and 0.2 ppm to 0.6 ppm for Glimepiride. The correlation coefficient was found to be 0.9991 for Metformin, 0.9994 for Glipizide, 0.9997 for Gliclazide, 0.9998 for Glibenclamide and 0.9994 for Glimepiride.

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