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Fluoride Content Studies in Underground Water of Umarban and Tirla Blocks (Dhar) of Madhya Pradesh, India

Author(s): Navin Rathor, BirjeshSingh, Pradeep Paliwal

Water is one of the major components of life for living being on earth. On the earth, it is abundant and most unusual natural component. Hand pumps, wells, ponds and rivers are the common resources for villages of Dhar district, a tribal belt area. Among them water quality of hand pump is degrading continuously with faster rate and therefore it is essential to monitor water quality time to time and treatment, if needed before use of drinking purpose. The present manuscript deals with fluoride concentration at Umarban and Tirla blocks of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Various drinking water sources of Umarban and Tirla blocks of Dhar district were specified and selected for sampling and their fluoride concentration were analyzed. The fluoride concentration in Khandan Bujurg (S-3), Ghanora (S-26) and Kuwa (S-21) water sources, is much higher than Badlipura (S-8), Dhanora (S-27) and Banzari (S-29) etc. These water sources having high fluoride concentration are marked as red. It is advised that water from these water sources must not to be used for drinking purpose before treatment.

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