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Galenic Formulation of an Antibacterial Ointment Based on Derivatives of Coriaria myrtifolia and Pistacia lentiscus

Author(s): Maha Hafsé, Abdellah Farah, Kawtar Fikri-Benbrahim

Faced to therapeutic limits of chemical drugs, research development programs on medicinal plants are oriented toward the obtaining of phytomedicines. In this context, this work aims to develop a dermal ointment intended for external use. In order to achieve this objective, the derivatives of two studied plants: Pistacia lentiscus (100 μl of Essential oil) and Coriaria myrtifolia (1 g of the ethyl acetate extract) are incorporated in 100 g of excipient (40 g of shea butter and 60 g of laboratorys white petrolatum "vaseline"). The quality control of this ointment has focused on the evaluation of organoleptic properties (color, odor), homogeneity, consistency or spread ability, pH and antibacterial activity. The observation has indicated that the ointment is of dark green color, homogeneous, and ensures a good adhesion to the skin. The assessment of its antibacterial power by the disk diffusion method has indicated that this ointment has an important antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus sp. This activity is translated by inhibition zone diameters of 18.3 and 15.6 mm respectively, hence it can be concluded that the derivatives of the plants studied in galenic form retain their biological effect.

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