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GC-MS Profiling and Bioactivity Study of Trans-Himalayan Plant Centaurea depressa

Author(s): Raj Kumar, Mohan Singh Thakur, Pushpender Bhardwaj, Garima Bhardwaj, Rinky Raghuvanshi, Chaurasia OP

The present study was aimed to explore the therapeutic values of Trans-Himalayan plant Centaurea depressa. The aerial parts of the plant were extracted using methanol solvent. The methanol extract was found to possess potent biological activities viz. Antidiabetic (50.64 ± 0.060% against acarbose), anti-inflammatory (59.25 ± 0.065% against indomethacin), antihypertensive (38.81 ± 0.045% against captopril), anti-oxidant, while antibacterial activity was observed to its least. Antioxidant assay was done using two methods: 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) and Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC). Total Polyphenolic Content (TPC) and Total Flavonoid Content (TFC) were also calculated using gallic acid and rutin trihydrate standards respectively. The hexane extract was analyzed by Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). The results showed the presence of thirty compounds out of which six were major (Phytol, 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, hexadecanal, stigmast-5-en-3-ol, lupeol, lupeol acetate).