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Growth and characterization of pure and L-alanine doped urea cobalt chloride NLO materials

Author(s): L. Gobinathan*, K. Boopathy, P. Vennila and G. Venkatesh

A Semi organic crystal of L-Alanine doped Urea Cobalt chloride a nonlinear optical material are synthesised and Grown by the slow evaporation technique at room temperature. The lattice dimension was carried out from powder X- ray diffraction method. The dielectric constant of the crystal was premeditated as a function of frequency. The LAlanine doped urea Cobalt chloride crystal has good optical transmission in the entire UV-visible region. The different functional bond frequencies associated with the crystal from FT-IR analysis. The nonlinear optical properties of the crystal have been confirmed by Kurtz- powder second harmonic generation method