Hepatoprotective action of Terminalia belerica on CCl4 induced hepatic disorders | Abstract

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Hepatoprotective action of Terminalia belerica on CCl4 induced hepatic disorders

Author(s): Shirish S. Pingale

The importance of fruit powder of Terminalia belerica was investigated for its hepatoxicity effect in Wistar Albino rats against CCl4 induced hepatic damage. Oral administration of 1 gm/kg body weight of powder of Terminalia belerica fruit recovered the CCl4 induced liver damage. The elevated levels of tissue and blood biochemical markers were reported. The administration of Terminalia belerica plant material recovered the enzyme levels like normal rats. The biochemical observations were supplemented by histoapthological examination of liver. The results of blood and tissue biochemical parameters like Aspartate aminotramferase, Alanine aminottramferase, Alkaline phosphatase, etc reveled that Terminalia belerica fruit powder could regenerates liver cells and offered protection against CCl4 induced hepatic damage. The observation of markers as well as Light and electron microscope photographs supports the regeneration process of liver parenchyma.


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