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HPLC Assay, Phytochemical, FTIR Characterization and Studies on Antioxidant Activity of Elephantopus scaber (Linn) Using Six Different Soxhlet Leaf Extract

Author(s): Vijay D Mendhulkar, Sopan N Kharat

In the present study, six solvents i.e., ethanol, methanol, aqueous, pet ether, ethyl acetate and chloroform were used independently for the extraction of bioactive phytoconstituents in Elephantopus scaber using successive soxhlet extraction method. There phytoconstituents were analyzed for their phytochemical properties, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) assay, Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) profile and antioxidant status. The phytochemical analysis revealed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoid, saponin, steroid, tannin, terpenoids and cardiac glycoside. A reversed-phase HPLC analysis was performed using C18-150 × 4.6 mm column with 10 ul injection volume and Methanol: Water as a mobile phase in 60:40 ratios at 30°C. The detection was recorded at 370 nm (UV-detector). The highest content of Rutin (205 ± 0.05 μg/ml) and Quercetin (38.55 ± 0.02 μg/ml) was estimated in ethanolic extract. The FTIR spectroscopic studies revealed different characteristic stretching frequencies, peak values with various functional compounds in the studied extracts. We investigated the 2,2-Diphenyl-1- Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) antioxidant activities of various E. scaber soxhlet leaf extracts. Results obtained by DPPH radical scavenging assay in the leaf extracts of E. scaber, indicated that the ethanolic leaf extracts exhibited significantly highest antioxidant radical scavenging activity (91.34 ± 0.03 with IC50 139.6 μg/ml) as compare to methanolic and pet ether extracts. The chloroform extract indicated comparatively lowest scavenging activity (65.48 ± 0.03 μg/ml with IC50 187.7 μg/ml). The aqueous and ethyl acetate extract does not revealed antioxidant activity. It can be concluded that E. scaber soxhlet leaf extracts can be used effectively in the production of potential natural antioxidant for commercial application.