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Identification of Unknown Impurity by Advanced Spectroscopy Techniques in the Sumatriptan Base Which Degraded into Sumatriptan Impurity F and Sumatriptan Base

Author(s): Laki P Magar, Bhaskar H Zaware, Kishor R More, Mukesh S Jha

An unknown impurity was observed in Sumatriptan base during Related Substance analysis for Sumatriptan succinate. This unknown impurity was isolated from crude sample of Sumatriptan base by using semi-preparative HPLC technique but it was not stable and gets fully degraded into two main impurities. The objective of this study is to find out unknown impurity from sumatriptan base (Active pharmaceutical ingredients) and confirmed its degradation into Sumatriptan impurity F and Sumatriptan base impurities by using advance spectroscopic Techniques.