In vitro cytotoxicity effects of Ghoskroot methanolic extract | Abstract

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In vitro cytotoxicity effects of Ghoskroot methanolic extract

Author(s): Mehdi Rezaeifar, Mrayam Rezaeifar and Mostafa Rezaeifar

Nowadays, a large number of medicinal plants are accessible; therefore it is critical to accomplish the scientific validation of these agents to recognize their side effects in treatment. The present study aims to evaluate cytotoxicity of Amygdaluseburnea methanolic extract. Cytotoxic effects of A. eburnean against J774-A1 cells were evaluated by colorimetric MTT assay.The obtained results demonstrated that A. eburnean extract had no significant cytotoxic effect against J774 cells. CC50(cytotoxic concentration for 50% of cells)values for extract and MA were 536.75 μg/mL and 1106.81 μg/mL, respectively. These findings suggested that A. eburnean methanolic extract is safe for mammalian cells.


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