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Influence of Ammonia Concentration on Optical, Structural and Electrical Properties of CdS Thin Films Grown by CBD Method

Author(s): Angelin Prema A, John Xavier R, Sheik Dawood A, Arockia Sahayaraj P, Pragathiswaran C, John Amalraj A, Dharmalingam V

CdS thin films were deposited on a glass substrate using chemical bath deposition method. The properties of deposited CdS thin film were characterized using the XRD, UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy, FT-IR and Electrical Studies. The XRD result shows that no sharp peak which indicates the samples is amorphous nature. The band gap energy for the films prepared in different concentration ammonia varies from 2.51 to 2.62 eV. The small peaks observed from 400-487 cm-1 are due to Cd-S band stretching. The electrical resistivity of the CdS thin film deposited on the glass substrate plotted between the variations of logarithm of resistivity (ln ρ) with reciprocal of temperature (1000/T). The resistivity observes that decreases with increases temperature.