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Influence of C-glucose on Corrosion Resistance of Orthodontic Wires in Presence of Artificial Saliva

Author(s): Saranya R, Susai Rajendran

In the oral environment, orthodontic appliances are exposed to potentially damaging physical and chemical agents which may cause metallic corrosion. The study reveals that there is a strong dependence of the corrosion resistance of different alloy on the concentration of C-glucose in the electrolyte medium. The corrosion behavior of experimental 22 carat gold alloy, stainless steel 316L alloy has been carried under Artificial Saliva (AS) condition in presence of C-glucose. Corrosion resistance and ability to form protective oxide scales are evaluated and compared by polarization study. The SS316L orthodontic alloy so better corrosion resistance in all experimental condition than other alloys. This agrees with the results obtained potentiodynamic polarization curves.


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