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Influence of Multi-layer Flexible Films and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Sensory Properties of Fresh Ostrich Meat

Author(s): Nazanin Zand, Ali Hafez pour and Simin Asadolahi

In this study the effect of different concentrations of two gas mixture (carbon dioxide, nitrogen) ,and also vacuum condition and flexible multi-layer films has been studied on sensory evaluation of fresh ostrich meat at refrigerator condition (T= 4 0C) . Samples were packaged in 3 kinds of flexible multi-layer containers under different gases,{3-layerPET(12)/AL(12)/LLD(100)) ,and 4-layer (PET(12)/AL(7)/PET(12)/LLD(100) ) and 3-layer( PET(12)/AL(7)/LLD(100) }. Ordinary condition as a control packaging was compared with three type of modified atmosphere packaging: (N270%+ CO230%), (N230% + CO270%), and vacuum conditions, in this project. Fresh ostrich meat were performed sensory evaluation, in different (15 days), with 12 treatment 3 run, statistical analysis and comparison of data, were done by software SAS (Ver:9/1) and Duncan’s new multiple range test, with confidence level of 95% (P <0.05). The shelf life of fresh meat ostrich (according to organoleptic properties) were reported in 4-layer under gas compositions 1 & 2 , 15 and 13 days and under vacuum conditions it was 10 days. In 3-layer (AL:12) the shelf life was 14 and 10,7 days under the gas compositions 1 & 2 and vacuum conditions. Under gas compositions 1 & 2 ,with 3-layer (AL:7), the shelf life was 10 and 7 days and under vacuum conditions it was 6 days. Sensory evaluation showed that increasing CO2 concentration increased shelf life. During the period of this experiment sensory properties (appearance, color, texture, smell, taste, dripped water) of samples in various conditions, had significant differences. According to these results, the best condition for sensory evaluation belonged to treatment under modified atmosphere CO2 70% with flexible pouch 4-layer,since water vapor permeability in this 4-layer was less than 3-layer and increasing percentage of CO2, maintained long-term shelf life and organoleptic properties of fresh ostrich meat.


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