Insecticidal Activity of Aromatic Bromo Compound from Ipomoea Carnea | Abstract

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Insecticidal Activity of Aromatic Bromo Compound from Ipomoea Carnea

Author(s): Vaishali B Adsul*, Eliza Khatiwora, AB Pawar, Rasika Torane and Nirmala Deshpande

Prevalence of Mosquito borne diseases is one of the world’s most notable health hazards. Several mosquito species belonging to genera Anopheles, Culex and Aedes are vectors for the pathogens of various diseases like malaria, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, dengue, yellow fever and chickungunya. Management of the disease vector using synthetic chemicals has failed due to vector resurgence and environmental pollution. Considering the recent evidence of these diseases, there is an urgent need to control vector population of mosquitoes. The development of eco- friendly and target specific agents for the control of mosquito level is of prime importance. Ipomoea carnea belonging to convolvulaceae family and fistulosa sub-family can be a potential candidate. The present work reveals some larvicidal activities of ethyl acetate extract of I. carnea and isolated aromatic bromo compound. These were screened against mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Cules quinquefasciatus. The isolated novel compound as well as extract exhibited significant chronic mosquito-larval toxicities against the two vectors. Experiments were carried out with 4th instar larvae (0-24 h old) of Aedes egypti and Culex quinquefasciatus which were cultured and maintained during the experiment at 80± 5% and relative humidity at 27± 2º. LC50 and LC 90 values for each sample were calculated.


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