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Ionic Liquid Catalyzed One Pot Four Component Synthesis of Pyranopyrazoles

Author(s): Sandip M Deshmukh, Dipak P Hiwarale

The solvent used for this reaction is ionic liquid and there are ecologically friendly, safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, clean as well as readily available these compounds have various application in food industry as a safe preservative and antimicrobial agent. In the pyranopyrazole the pyrazole contains two nitrogen atom and these are adjacent to each other. The pyrazole rings are five membered and unsaturated with nitrogen atom adjacent to each other. The pyran and its derivative are the important part of natural products. These compounds are mainly synthesized using one pot, multicomponent processes. The advantage of multicomponent reaction is to synthesize active product easily within a short period of time. The condensation of aldehyde, active methylene compounds and hydrazine’s leads to the formation of pyranopyrazoles. The development of new cheap and ecofriendly process by using these catalysts is possible. The reaction is focused on non-hazardous ionic liquid catalyzed synthesis. These are multicomponent reactions and sustainable development of chemical enterprise. In this reaction liquid acid catalyst used for the carry on the reaction to form the final product.