Keratin and Sericin: State of the Art and Future Outlook | Abstract

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Keratin and Sericin: State of the Art and Future Outlook

Author(s): Salwa Mowafi, Amira Abou El-Kheir, Marwa Abou Taleb, Hosam El-Sayed

Keratin and sericin are two major protienic biopolymers derived from renewable natural resources. Keratin is a hard protein characterized by presence of sulpher, mainly as the amino acid cystine. Keratin can be obtained from waste keratinous materials such as feather, horns, nails, claws, hair and remnant of combing process of coarse wool. Sericin is discharged in the effluents of degumming of raw silk causing environmental problems as well as loss of possible income if properly utilized. This article throws the light on the chemistry of keratin and sericin and summarizes methods to obtain them from renewable natural resources. The composites based on these biopolymers and their utilization in various fields is also outlined. The current status and future outlook for utilization of keratin and sericin as well as composites there from is highlighted.


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