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Lipid Profiles in Different ABO Blood Groups in Owerri Metropolis, South East Nigeria: A Preliminary Study

Author(s): Samuel Ureme, Innocent C Anioke, Vera Emenuga, Blessing C Eluke, Innocent Okonkwo, Ikenna K Uchendu, Ikechukwu J Chukwu, Igboerika C

Objective: The study was set out to investigate the possibility of using blood groups as predictive indices for diseases associated with lipid metabolism.

Methods: Lipid profiles were examined in 100 apparently healthy male (40) and female (60) subjects of different ABO blood groups aged between 18-30 years from Imo State University. Of these, 20 were blood group A, 30 were B blood type, 4 were AB blood type, and 46 were blood group O. Lipid profile parameters were determined according to enzymatic assay using a commercial kit from Randox Laboratories, United Kingdom and calculation using Friedewald’s equation. Blood group was determined by monoclonal ABO blood grouping reagent.

Results: Total Cholesterol (140.62 ± 21.66 mg/dl) and High-Density Lipoprotein (96.20 ± 40.32 mg/dl) were highest in blood group B. Blood group A had the highest level of Triglyceride (80.84 ± 18.60 mg/dl) and Very Low-Density Liporprotein (15.21 ± 6.24 mg/dl). Blood group O showed TC level of 130.60 ± 34.76 mg/dl with the highest level of LDL (70.74 ± 20.15 mg/dl) and the lowest level of HDL (51.68 ± 20.50 mg/dl) compared to non- O blood types (P<0.05).

Conclusion: The study revealed that blood group O may have a higher propensity for dyslipidemia, suggesting increased risk for disease associated with lipid metabolism.

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