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Liquid laundry detergents based on polymeric surfactants containing sorbitol, starch and sugar syrup

Author(s): Ashwini G. Deshmukh, Bhalchandra B. Gogte and Maheshkumar N. Yenkie

A combination of natural products of vegetable origin viz. sorbitol, starch and sugar syrup have been used along with acids and minor proportions of polyethylene glycol(400) to synthesis a novel polymeric surfactant which can be used to replace acid slurry in powder, liquid and cake detergents. The synthesized polymer has been studied for physicochemical and spectral properties. I.R. and N.M.R. spectra show the presence of ester, ether, free hydroxyl and acid groups in the polymer. The synthesized polymers have been used in liquid laundry detergents to the extent of 10 to 14, %. These polymers containing liquid laundry detergents show excellent viscosity, transparency, foaming properties and capacity to reduce surface tension, soil and stain removing characteristics are satisfactory and comparable to commercial liquid detergents tested simultaneously. These ecofriendly products must be tested and tried for pilot and commercial production.