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Mechanism of interaction of antibacterial drug moxifloxacin with herring sperm DNA: Electrochemical and spectroscopic studies

Author(s): Mallappa M, Babu G Gowda, R T Mahesh

The interaction between Moxifloxacin (MXF) and Herring Sperm DNA (Hs-DNA) was investigated by using voltammetric (CV and DPV), UV-vis, spectrofluorometric and viscometric methods in Britton-Robinson (BR) buffer of pH 7.4. The binding of MXF to Hs-DNA was substantiated by the hypochromism and bathochromism in the absorption and the emission quenching in fluorescence spectra. The voltammetric method using carbon paste electrode (CPE) suggested an electrostatic interaction, while spectroscopic methods show minor groove binding as the predominant mode. The values of binding constants obtained from UV absorption, spectrofluorimetry and voltammetric measurements were in close agreement. The obtained results confirmed that the present method is a good alternative for the determination of the binding constant and site number for the molecular interaction.