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Micellar Properties of Tween – 80 in Aqueous Solutions of Poly (Ethylene) Glycols: An Ultra Sonic Study

Author(s): R. Joshi, Sharma S, Kohali J, Tamta K, Kandpal ND

Densities (ρ) and sound velocities (U) of Polyoxyethylene (20) mono sorbitan oleate (Tween- 80) in aqueous solutions of four Poly (Ethylene) Glycols (PEGs) of different molecular weight 200, 400, 2000 and 4000 have been measured at 293 K using Pyknometer and Ultrasonic interferometer respectively. The experimental data of sound velocity have been used to calculate adiabatic compressibility (β) acoustic impedance (Z) and isentropic compressibility Φk respectively. The values of sound velocities in aqueous solutions of PEGs of different concentration have been utilized to explain the aggregation behavior of surfactant in terms of critical aggregation concentration (CAC) and polymer saturation concentration (PSP). A comperative study of these parameters for all the PEGs has been discussed in the light of polymer – saturation interactions.