Microwave induced new fused benzoxazine derivatives | Abstract

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Microwave induced new fused benzoxazine derivatives

Author(s): Vijay V Dabholkar, Viral M. Dave, Sagar D. Shah

4H-Pyrans have been synthesized via different synthetic practices. In present research work synthesis of 4H-Pyrans containing Benzoxazine moiety were achieved in a single step multi-component reaction. Microwave was used to irradiated a mixture of 4H-Benzo [1, 4] oxazin-3-one, malanonitrile and aromatic aldehyde to yield 10H-3,4-benzo- 8-amino-9-cyano-10-phenyl-2,7-dioxa-5-aza bicyclo [4.4.0] dec -1(6),8-diene and its derivatives.

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